IGF Responds To Golf's Not-So-Positive Test Results

Nothing like a little diuretics chatter to liven up the week!

Will Gray at GolfChannel.com reports on Ty Votaw's response to recent WADA-inspired stories about failed tests in golf exceeding the numbers in other sports. Most interesting here is that Votaw points out the failed test results are from non-PGA Tour testing.

“I think in a vacuum, these are just lab-level analysis. It doesn’t give you the circumstances,” Votaw told GolfChannel.com. “If most of the drugs are cortico-steroids or diuretics, there is a very real possibility that those have TUEs associated with them. We don’t consider them to be performance-enhancing in the first place. Now diuretics, I suppose, can be used as a masking agent of some sort to someone else, but we aren’t seeing a lot of diuretics in our testing.”

Votaw added that WADA does not have access to the test results or samples from the lab through which the Tour conducts its regular testing, meaning the 507 samples in question came from other corners of the game.