A Few Gentle Reminders Now That Anchoring Has Been Banned

No doubt a few golfers grumbled to their unsuspecting relatives over the holidays about the looming anchoring ban. And while we don't know how (or if) it will be acknowledged in the everyday game, the pros are definitely saying goodbye to a method that's been around longer than you might think.

Jason Sobel of ESPN.com has this nice, brief recap of anchoring's place in golf leading up to the ban.

At GolfDigest.com Mike Johnson files an excellent primer on key elements to the new rule and alternatives for those seeking them. The dreaded "intent" word also surfaces.

2.) You’re not penalized if your club accidentally brushes against your shirt.

What the new rule is aimed at addressing is intent and what constitutes anchoring. A club accidentally brushing against your shirt doesn’t violate either dictate so stop thinking about getting some form-fitting shirts—it’s probably a bad look on you anyway.