Greg Norman Redirects! World Grapples With New Shark Logo

Sam Weinman talks to Greg Norman about the big change from Great White Shark Enterprises to the Greg Norman Company, which will fascinate, shock and interest almost no one.

But why, oh why Shark is there a logo change when we were so attached to the multi-color shark...

"If I didn't redirect, it was going to die on the vine," Norman said by phone on Tuesday.

Hence the announcement earlier this month that Norman would be re-branding and transforming his business in 2017. Say goodbye to Great White Shark Enterprises, say hello to the Greg Norman Company.

Norman's repositioning of his company from a mostly consumer-facing brand to one that will expand to business-to-business services was an idea that began some 18 months ago, and has involved everything from the influx of new personnel, to a new partnership with Verizon that will revolve around educational technology.

And you think this blog doesn't bring you life-changing news.

FYI, Shark's gramming his way to a new beginning with this inspiration...

#mondaymotivation Amen!!!

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And btw, a hurricane to most people is not an opportunity to brand your fitness devotion and love of chainsawing shrubbery. Unless you are the Greg Norman Company.

I have picked up 851 of these palm fronds with more to go 2days after #hurricanematthew brushed by my property. #workout

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