Wraparound Blues: Matthew Ends Web.com Tour Finals

With next year's PGA Tour schedule starting next week and hurricane Matthew looking ominously like a slow-moving disaster, there is no hope of finishing off the Web.com Tour playoffs.

While all of our thoughts are with those bracing for the storm, it's also hard not to hear of finals this week and a new season starting next week and thinking, whose idea was that? And how did anyone tout wrapround golf as a good idea? The lack of foresight is appalling.

Anyway, Ryan Herrington at GolfDigest.com with the details.

The decision was disappointing, according to Web.com Tour president Bill Calfee, but essentially was made for the tour when local authorities announced an evacuation of the Atlantic Beach Wednesday morning as the Category 4 storm continues toward Florida’s east coast.

“It is unfortunate that we’ve had to cancel our season-ending event; however, our first priority is the safety of our players, fans, volunteers and staff,” Calfee said. “With Hurricane Matthew on the horizon, it is critical that we make sure everyone involved with the Web.com Tour Championship has ample time to evacuate the Northeast Florida area and return home.”