SMW's Final 2015-16 Network Golf Ratings Recap

Paulsen at Sports Media Watch analyzes network ratings for the 2015-16 PGA Tour--the first completely Tiger-less season since 1997--and concludes that of 64 telecasts, 40 posted a decline.

Paulsen threw out rainouts and two events where no comparable numbers were available.

The summer stretch, highlighted by lower numbers at the U.S. Open and FedExCup, were the biggest drag on ratings declines that mirror other sports dips, including the NFL:

That includes declines for six of eight major telecasts and seven of eight FedEx Cup windows.
Most of the declines took place during the summer. From the U.S. Open in mid-June through the BMW Championship in mid-September, 22 of 24 telecasts declined in one or both measures.

The season ended on a better note, as the final round of The Tour Championship held steady in ratings and eked out a 5% increase in viewership. Ryder Cup ratings also increased, though largely because the most recent edition took place in Europe and aired primarily in the early morning hours.