McIlroy Welcomes Rolex Series: "With the regulations that the PGA Tour are putting upon’s hard to jump back and forth and play tournaments."

James Corrigan considers the ramifications of the Rolex Series, labeled a "critical game changer" by Chief Executive Keith Pelley. The Telegraph writer also says the French Open will be added to the series, making it eight events.

More interesting, however, is the comment of Rory McIlroy, suggesting the lucrative Series and increased PGA Tour rules will tempt some to stay in Europe. But him?

“It gives guys an incentive to maybe play a little bit more on this side of the pond leading up to the Open Championship and hopefully get some great fields,” he said. “It’s getting more and more difficult to play two tours. With the regulations that the PGA Tour are putting upon us and with how great the events are becoming over here, it’s hard to jump back and forth and play tournaments.

“So I think you might see more guys spending prolonged periods in either/or, because jumping back and forth, you can do it for so long, but in the long run, it just doesn’t work too well. I’m very grateful for the Irish Open being in this Rolex Series. We’ve been given a great date.”

Here's what I'm not clear on: have the UK rules changed for taxation of visiting athletes?

Because unless Keith Pelley has convinced Her Majesty to ease up on rules that make UK visits a loss leader, it's hard to see players teeing up in all of the events leading up to The Open.