Oy Vey Alert: Great White Shark Sensed Donald Trump Would Win, Tells Newsweek (!?) Readers All About His Wisdom

Maybe the testosterone boost of linking Australia's prime minister Malcolm Turnbull with president-elect Trump went to the Shark's head--no, wait, that luxury-yacht left port long ago.

So we'll just assume this matchmaker role, detailed by the Daily Telegraph, prompted non-American citizen and one-time Fox Sports analyst Greg Norman from wondering if he should write this excessively first-person Newsweek piece celebrating Donald Trump's victory.

(BTW, I'd hate to think who said no before some editor announced triumphantly, "I got The Shark!")

Anyway, strap yourself in for so much "I saw this coming" talk that perhaps Norman is prepping us for the day he hangs up his chainsaw and becomes greater Jupiter's leading psychic.

I personally had a sense of this and told Donald, when President Barack Obama was campaigning for Hillary Clinton 10 days before the election, that he was going to win. Obama’s messaging was wrong and just reinforced that those wanting change would get it with Clinton. In other words, the problem was not the problem—the attitude to the problem was the problem.

How fortunate we are to share a planet with people who hear their ghost writer read sentences like that and say, BOOM! That makes perfect sense!

Let the humblebragging continue...

I have spoken to Donald on numerous occasions since the election and I think he will surprise many with what he will do with the presidency, but not himself. He has a clear vision. I believe he will fill a cabinet with quality, experienced, doers that are like-minded yet strong enough to redirect him if they so believe.

Hey, Greg maybe you should nominate yourself in the next phone call?

But go on, woo us with more deep thoughts...

A Trump presidency obviously not only affects the United States, but the rest of the world.


Foreign policy will be a tricky one for Trump. I can only imagine that there are so many grandfathered agreements in place from previous administrations in the U.S. and abroad.

Easy there Greg, you count yourself a friend to the presidents who supported and enhanced many of thsoe agreements. I know those Bushes and Clintons are so last year to you, but they do still read.

Until he gets in there to understand those, from NATO to NAFTA to TPT to Middle East agreements to the Asia Pacific rim and many others, it is difficult to speculate.

I'm fairly certain those agreements are readable outside of the White House. Maybe Shark could read up on those grandfathered agreements and present a white paper that also includes how you'd fix Doonbeg. That's better than a cabinet post!