"Golfstat founder Mark Laesch stays positive as his time runs out"

Golfweek.com has posted a very powerful piece by Beth Ann Baldry on Mark Laesch, who built GolfStat.com into an essential place since 1984 (!) and relevance-maker for college golf to this day. Laesch is the fourth member of his family to suffer from ALS.

Here is the full story that also includes a video component worth checking out.

“I happen to believe that the instant we die,” Mark said, “is probably the greatest single moment of our life.”

Laesch uses his left index finger to control a motorized wheelchair, the same finger he now uses to type. In recent months he has lost the ability to use his legs and his right arm. His left arm is going. His analytic mind, however, remains as sharp as his wit.

“I want everybody to be in heaven,” he said, “even my ex-wife.”