Tim Finchem Gets A Green Jacket?

The bar was dropped, broken, stolen and put in a dumpster when Roger Goodell got a green jacket and the chance to store expensive wine year-round at Augusta National. So it won't be a huge shocker if outgoing Commissioner Tim Finchem turns up at the Masters sporting one of Gene Sarazen's late-in-life size 32's.

An Augusta National membership presented by the tour policy board (!?) was reported in an unbylined Golf.com report, which also lists other parting gifts for the longtime leader of the PGA Tour.

According to the source, Finchem received a spot in the upcoming AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am -- with the award-winning Thomas Keller serving as his personal chef for the week -- and he will be honored at the 2017 Memorial in Dublin, Ohio.

I get that he made a lot of people a lot of money and undoubtedly will get some NetJets time to jet out to Monterey for a First Tee "meeting" that won't be held at Pacific Grove muni.

However, if the early signs are as encouraging as they seem with Finchem's replacement, Jay Monahan, a year from now Finchem's legacy will be that of someone who stayed on too long and pushed out too many decent people because they dared to let their hair turn grey.

Should an annoyed President Trump go after the PGA Tour's tax-exempt status and retirement program after Finchem short-sightedly departed Doral before knowing the outcome of the election, the fond memories will die even faster. But the lavish parting gifts will remain.