Nine Days Of Christmas: Best Layering Option For Golf

While the kids love their compression shirts and pants, there is a reason most golfers are not flocking to some of the amazing tech fabrics on the market: they are too tight for golf.

There is a fine line between snug and cutting of circulation. Over five hours on the course, golfers need breathability, a little give, just enough support, and a layer that will cover their arms.

We used to have turtlenecks for that but I think most would rather suffer frostbite than join the fleeting movement to make them cool again.

That's why you should treat yourself to Athletes Collective's $25 Long Sleeve.

If you've heard me talk about them on ShackHouse, you know I love their stuff because it's logo-free, ridiculously-priced, well-made, great-fitting and perfect for many uses. I wear the large Long Sleeve for working out and the more snug medium as an undershirt to still freely hit a golf ball in.

So go to and enter the promo code HOUSE to receive 15% off your first order. Throw in some gym shorts while you're at it. Or you can get three of the long sleeves for $66 thanks to their bundling option.

All orders include free shipping and returns to the US or Canada. And 100% satisfaction is guaranteed, as a few ShackHouse listeners have confirmed in emails reporting great follow up service from the AC folks.