Rory-Brandel Manspat Downgraded To DEFCON 5

It was fun while it lasted. Bloggers were hoping for another week of testosterone-fueled volleying, but what can you do?

However, the potential for a Rory-Brandel feud reaching Tiger-Brandel's DEFCON 2 status isn't going to materialize. But the back and forth proved informative, entertaining and maybe for Rory, a reminder of the impact his social media efforts could have on impressionable golfers.

To review, Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee reiterated an observation he and others have had: Rory loves his gym work and just maybe, in light of Tiger's recent physical issues, it could be a concern. He prefaced it, massaged it and threw this comment in after many compliments and in a pre-Florida swing conference call.

McIlroy responded with video doing squats with a lot of weight. And in his Wednesday press conference at Riviera, seemed a tad perturbed by having to defend what he sees as a a logical effort to prevent injury (Kyle Porter explains).

Chamblee went on Morning Drive and explained himself with a wink and a few jokes.

The learning moment for McIlroy? He acknowledged in his press conference that he doesn't Tweet or Instagram much video of the mobility work he's doing that allows him to have the athletic, powerful swing that he has.

So voila! TRX Instagram posting!

Here's McIlroy showing some mobility/corework from his hotel room following a pretty effortless-looking opening 67 at Riviera.