Torrey North Closes For Renovation, Public Still Wants Details

Tod Leonard covers the closing day of Torrey Pines North, where Tom Weiskopf was present to watch play before renovating the beloved layout.

Amazingly, the City Golf Advisory Committee that supported Phil Mickelson's vision before things fell through, still has not had a chance to hear from Weiskopf, who was brought in by contractor Wadsworth.

“From what I know about Tom Weiskopf and his approach, it sounds like he’s got the right frame of mind,” Zucchet said. “But even someone in the right frame of mind is going to change the golf course, and that’s scary for the old-timers, and I guess I’m one now.”

Weiskopf was at Torrey Pines on Monday afternoon, watching golfers at the 10th tee and taking one last look before work begins on Tuesday morning.

“I’m excited to get started,” he said.

Zucchet and the City Golf Advisory Committee requested that Weiskopf attend their January meeting, but that didn’t happen. Zucchet said he has put in another request and is hopeful the group can hear more details about the design plans.

”It would allay a lot of concerns if he would just tell people what is going on,” said Paul Spiegelman, a longtime city golf watchdog who also was playing his farewell round on the North on Monday. “Phil (Mickelson) did such a wonderful job of facilitating and listening.”

The story features a nice photo gallery from the Union-Tribune's K.C. Alfred.

Weiskopf's plan can be viewed here.