Poulter Heckler Loses Job Over Twitter Humblebrags

I've tried to avoid Ian Poulter's Twitter spats of late, but his latest has seen the heckler lose his job after claiming to have yelled at Poulter at Innisbrook.

It's probably a good lesson of when to have fun with the former Ryder Cup star and when to let him be.

Grill Room Team (who names their kid Grill Room anyway?) has the offending Tweets which, Del Milligan of The Ledger reports, have cost a Florida Southern's assistant athletic director his job. J.J. Downum made the tweets (“you will NOT make the Ryder Cup team!'' and “YOU WILL HIT IT IN THE WATER!) Saturday while still employed at FSC.

Poulter responded on Twitter, asking tournament officials to remove Downum and also hoping to get him in hot water with his employer by tweeting: “I'm sure @FSC_Athletics & @FscSports are really proud of your professionalism. I wish you the very best."

The tweets indeed had consequences for Downum.

"He's no longer employed at the institution,'' said Pete Meyer, Florida Southern's director of athletics and dean of wellness on Wednesday.

There was a lovely moment on the telecast Friday from Bay Hill where Mark Rolfing noted Poulter's latest spat, only to have Notah Begay suggest the Englishman might have more important things to worry about based on his shanks in round one. Poulter's never dull!