Poll: What Provided The Most WGC Match Play Intrigue?

Before our poll and a few of my thoughts, please remember I'm working from this premise: match play is goofy and the course doesn't make a difference. We especially hear the former sentiment during WGC Match Play season, and the latter at the Ryder Cup.

Last week in Austin? It seemed to prove that match play is not goofy and the course very much does matter.

In an already satisfying year for week-to-week PGA Tour intrigue, the WGC Dell Match Play continued the trend of compelling viewing in spite of some glacially slow Sunday play.

While year two of the round-robin format already has critics, I can't think of a format that better suits the event, players, fans and sponsor. As we discussed on Morning Drive, I think the format is here to stay for decent reasons.

Austin Country Club, as Damon Hack and I kicked around, sure seemed to bring out plenty of fun match situations, heroic plays and visual eye candy. Yes, the corporate tents need to be moved from serving as White Monster's behind the 13th and 15th greens, but I can't think of any knock on the course's performance. The conditioning was shockingly good for a place that was only months into having reopened from a re-grassing.

Anyway, now a full day removed, I'm curious what made the strongest impression on you from the match play? For most of us it was a combination of elements, but if I had to choose one, it was the course.

Who is most responsible for this year's WGC Dell Match Play intrigue?
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