The Conundrum Files: Kisner's Palmetto Suspension Deserved?

Last week's SI/ Confidential gang found the spring break antics of the Bakers Bay Bahamas Boys too tame despite some drunking cart rooftop dancing, yet this week they declared Kevin Kisner's cart race/beer drinking/gambling at Palmetto a somewhat deplorable act.

After arguing John Daly's HOF case, they turned to Kisner, seen with buddies on Vice Sports in a light bumper cart race that got the PGA Tour player suspended from his club, prompting a declaration from Forbes that disciplinary actions like this are killing the sport's ability to translate to millennials.

Passov: I'm completely confused as to how this "video" was greenlighted in the first place. I mean, the club had to know about it, right? After watching the video, I wasn't appalled with anything, even as I'll defend any club's rights to enforce its rules. Sure, it was boys acting like boys, but they didn’t do anything that isn't done at any other club I know of. Maybe the cart race at the beginning was foolish, as somebody really could get hurt, or property damaged ... but drinking beer? Gambling? At Bushwood? In Casablanca? I’m shocked, shocked!

Sens: As John Daly once said, "I hate them rules and crap." But the club has every right to have them and to enforce them. Kisner being a Tour pro gives him no special exemption. Guys in his salary bracket already get enough of them around tax time.

Ritter: Right, Josh. It's totally up to the club. And doesn't Aiken have a go-kart track?

Van Sickle: I’m not sure what was dumber: doing what Kisner and his pals did or posting it online. I think the punishment fit the crime for doing it. For posting it online, I'd kick his butt out of the club.