Rory Kickabout Injury Video Shared...By Rory's Foundation!?

Of the two most sought-after caught-on-tape moments in modern golf history, one has emerged in the strangest place imaginable.

While I'm not optimistic we'll ever get to see the Woods residence security cameras showing a valiant effort by Elin Nordegren to free her injured husband from his Escalade wreckage, it's hard to wonder how video of Rory McIlroy's football "kickabout" injury was never seen...until Tuesday night at a fundraiser dinner!?

That's when McIlroy's Foundation interview with James Nesbitt before a well-dressed audience saw for the first time when the then-World No. 1 took a football game fall, knocking him out of The Open at St. Andrews.

Thanks to the readers who sent the podcast sharing the audio from an enjoyable interview along with the ensuing discussion about the embarrassing injury. The video can't be seen in the podcast, only heard.

But there was this posted by the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open account:



The revelation of the clip suggests it was obtained by the McIlroy Foundation and I suppose if there is a time to share, it's to those paying for an intimate evening with the host!

Speaking of the host, he's not fond of how people are characterizing his game.

Alistair Tait reporting for

“So it frustrates me that the narrative is, There’s something missing in Rory’s game or, What’s wrong with Rory? I don’t feel like there’s anything wrong. It’s very close. It’s not as far away as I feel some people think.

“I know that if I go out and play my best or close to my best, that I’m going to have a great chance to win this week, next week, basically all season, because I’m in a really good place with where my game is."