People Are Praying For Spieth; He Still Holes Absurd Lob Shots

Sam Weinman at on Jordan Spieth resurfacing after his Bahamas vacation and suggesting the outpouring of grief over his plight as a Masters runner-up continues to surface in the strangest places.

Just the image of this is so surreal given what actually happened (a golf tournament lost)...

"I'm not taking it very hard. I've got ladies at the grocery stores putting their hand on me and going, 'Really praying for you; how are you doing?' I'm like, my dog didn't die. I'll be OK. I'll survive. It happens. It was, again, unfortunate timing."

I'm not sure what's more amazing to see here, Spieth making a lob shot off the green at Oakmont or that sunset sky! From Tim Rosaforte who will have more on Morning Drive Wednesday: