Deja Vu All Over Again Files: Penalty Talk Overtakes U.S. Women's Open; USGA Prez Botches Another Trophy Ceremony

We watched late here into the night in the de-United Kingdom and it was surreal watching players notified on the fairway about Anna Nordqvist's barely discernable brushing of the sand, adding two strokes to her aggregate playoff score.

Ron Sirak on Brittany Lang's U.S. Women Open victory and the cloud hanging over the rules once again as HD cameras picked up something the naked eye could not have detected.

Sure to be second-guessed will be the fact TV was used to detect the violation and that Nordqvist was informed of the penalty after she hit her third shot into No. 18 while Lang found out before she played her third over a water hazard, timing that could have affected how boldly she played the shot.

“We got the information out to the players as soon as we could,” the USGA said in a statement.

After Johnson was told on No. 12 tee that he might be assessed a penalty for his ball moving on No. 5 the USGA said it would expedite such decisions. In that case, Dustin played the last seven holes not exactly certain if he would be penalized.

Well they expedited the notification, but isn't that the least of the issues? Thoughts and reactions?

There was also some less than speedy play, with Lydia Ko fessing up that she deserved to be put on the clock Sunday. Keely Levins reports.

And finally, there was USGA President Diana Murphy botching a second straight U.S.G.A. trophy ceremony, making everyone excited about what she'll do next at the Senior Open!