"What's it like watching your husband compete for a major? Torture"

While most everyone is very happy to see Jimmy Walker win a major after making every effort to get his game to the next level and experiencing no shortage of setbacks, it's always vital to note the role of those around him. Wife Erin Walker persisted with Butch Harmon to help her talented husband, and the amateur show jumper, former journalism major keeps an eye on what's written about her Jimmy.

As Alex Myers notes after a day of following Erin as she watched Jimmy, she started out pretty cool Sunday, but as a major championship at Baltusrol became more evident, Walker felt the tension of the moment.

She breaks out the phone on the 16th hole, though, to text her nanny to "mosey on over to the clubhouse with the kids." Jimmy has a two-shot lead with three to play.

"Holy cow, holy cow," she mutters before doing some light stretching.

Then she's offered a cigarette.

"I might need five," she jokes. "I haven't smoked one ever, but maybe I'll start now." Instead she "stress eats" on lemon mints. She offers me one. It's surprisingly delightful.

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