Retro Files: College Gallery Uses Cell Phone Flashlights To Help Player Finish Round

Nice work by Kevin Casey at fleshing out the details of UC Davis's Ben Corfee last hole putt (below), aided by an army of flashlights, evoking an earlier time when car headlights, burning newspapers or who-knows-what-else helped golf tournaments finish.

But when the threesome reached the green, it was certainly too dark to finish out. Until a timely response allowed for a change of plans.

Zalatoris and Martin faced longer putts, and thus decided to wait until Sunday morning to putt out and finish their rounds. But Corfee, who knocked an 85-yard wedge in darkness to 10 feet, decided his remainder on the green was close enough for him to attempt.

At that point, a jump to action brought Corfee, a senior from El Macero, Calif., the light he needed.

“Ben was the closest and he decided to putt out, and at that point everyone around the green started getting their flashlights opened on their cell phones and came around to create light for him to be able to see,” Williams said in an email. “It was a combination of teammates, volunteers, fellow competitors, etc., all spontaneous.”

An incredible image:

And the video: