Boston Globe Profile Of New Commish Jay Monahan

Jim McCabe profiles Jay Monahan for the Boston Globe and gives fans a little insight into his personality and background in both sports and charity work.

It's well worth your time, but two parts I wanted to document for posterity, starting with a rare admission of weakness from Monahan's predecessor.

Marveled Finchem one day about Monahan, who lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., with his wife, Susan, and daughters Sophie, 13, and Phoebe, 10: “He’s from Boston, and he’s Irish. Making a relationship is a slam dunk for him. Makes me jealous.”

There was also this from Seth Waugh and on his work for Fenway Sports Management.

A trail of success at Arnold Advertising, Woolf Associates, EMC, as tournament director of the DBC, at FSM, and eight years in training at the PGA Tour bodes well for Monahan as PGA Tour commissioner.

“I’m excited for him,” said Faxon. “I’m excited for the Tour.”

“It will look like a calmer and gentler Tour, but he does have a steel backbone,” said Waugh. “He’s not afraid to say no, but he tries to say yes.”

Monahan counts MLB commissioner Rob Manfred as a friend, and it’s not forgotten by Red Sox ownership that it was Monahan who spearheaded improvements to Fenway Park by creating the EMC Club and State Street Pavilion.

“There was a trust factor, so much appreciation and respect [at FSM],” said Monahan.