Don't Tell President Trump: China Orders 111 Golf Courses Closed

Stranger things have caused trade battles and even wars. I'm glad the president is busy in meetings today! the exhausting, boring but predictably goofy saga that has been the dream of golf in China, the Communist Party is cracking down...again.

AP's Nomaan Merchant reports on the order of 111 courses ordered closed "to conserve water and land" while Party members have been reminded not to play golf. Again.

The state-run Xinhua News Agency said Sunday the courses were closed for improperly using groundwater, arable land or protected land within nature reserves. It said authorities have imposed restrictions on 65 more courses.

China banned the development of new golf courses in 2004, when it had fewer than 200. Since that time, the number of courses more than tripled to 683 before the new crackdown, Xinhua said.