Bryson's New Stroke Coming Under Excessive Rules Scrutiny?

Adam Schupak at The Morning Read reports that side-saddler Bryson DeChambeau's putter was ruled non-conforming on the even of last week's Careerbuilder Challenge.

DeChambeau expressed disappointment at the handling of the notification, while the USGA won't comment on what made the club non-conforming.

Even more intrigue arrives in the form of comments from DeChambeau instructor Mike Schy.

"They basically threatened him that if he showed up on Thursday, they would DQ him," said Mike Schy, DeChambeau's longtime instructor. "I think they thought he wouldn't have a backup and he'd have to go back to conventional and it would be over.
"The week before, they made him put lead tape and mark it up," Schy said. "Every week, they've been inspecting it. It's bad. It's really bad. I'm telling you, they do not want him putting this way. For some reason, they think it is an enormous advantage, and it is not."

DeChambeau debuted the side-saddle stroke last fall and it did have anchoring elements. So far the method has been a success for the PGA Tour rookie.