"Storm brews between players, LPGA Tour over transparency"

Reading Beth Ann Nichol's Golfweek story on players fuming at the LPGA Tour over recent weather delays and non-delays, the short term discussion of 54 vs. 72 holes isn't as eye-opening as the obvious loss of faith in leadership.

Nichols writes:

Player president Vicki Goetze-Ackerman has fielded plenty of calls from players in the past week. Some feel they can’t talk publicly about the issues.

“I feel like there is a gag order on this tour,” one veteran player said.

Goetze-Ackerman said “the big thing” she has gotten from players is the issue of safety.

“They should never feel like they’re unsafe,” Goetze-Ackerman said. “That’s something we need to address as an organization.”

Fans also put in harm's way would agree!