Today In Points Race Madness: Schwab And Dubai Fun

Golf's troubled relationship with playoffs, points races, resets, algorithms and player enthusiasm seems to be modus operandi these days, though I still would argue the recent Schwab Cup debacle is a special breed (as Tim Rosaforte and I debated on Golf Central today).

The absurdity of Kevin Sutherland nearly winning the Schwab Cup without a tournament win, and ultimately taking the bonus money with a victory to Bernhard Langer's seven (including two playoff wins), didn't stop Sutherland from defending the format on Morning Drive.

“I’ve heard a lot of (the criticism) and I guess my feeling about it is I don’t think the Schwab Cup is designed to crown who had the best season,” Sutherland said of the "season long" points race. “Obviously, Bernhard Langer did. He had an amazing year and I don’t think anybody would say because I won the Schwab Cup that that takes away from the fact that he has the best year and he’s definitely going to be Player of the Year."

Meanwhile, over in Dubai the problem might be worse than a broken system as Sergio Garcia expressed just how little he cares about his slim chances in the European Tour's Race to Dubai. With Rory McIlroy and Henrik Stenson citing injury, the finals are headlined by Garcia, Justin Rose and Tommy Fleetwood.

As Alistair Tait reports for Golfweek, Garcia is not enthused.

“Winning the Race to Dubai is great but I’m not going to change my whole life for it,” Garcia said. “I’m happy finishing second, third or fourth or whatever.”

But he's studying the algorithms closely!

“I don’t even know,” he admitted.