2017: Year "Ultra-Premium" Became Part Of The Golf Industry

In David Dusek's year-end equipment industry wrap for Golfweek, he considers the role PXG and other influences have had in convincing golfers to buy more expensive equipment.

Dusek writes:

“PXG has livened the ultra-premium market again, and all the other guys are (upset) because that used to be their golfers,” said Tom Olsavsky, Cobra’s vice president of research and development. “So now they are saying, ‘We can do that as good as (PXG) can,’ and we’re seeing them offer expensive irons and expensive drivers. Fifteen years ago that was the after-market business, and they made tons of money because it was a better product and people were willing to pay for it.”

In 2017, Callaway released the Epic and Epic Pro irons priced at $2,000 for an eight-club set, as well as the Epic Star driver, which retails for $700 and was previously available only in Japan. Xxio brought the $850 Prime driver to the U.S. market and said there was plenty of demand for it, while Titleist re-released the C16 iron set for $2,700 and debuted the J.P. Harrington line of custom-fit wedges for $500 each.

It will be interesting to see if 2018 brings more of these clubs into the bags of professionals and what impact that has on in the industry. So far PXG is the only brand to have players using these ultra-premium clubs, but could we see the others start having players adopt the pricey stuff?