Japan Golf Association: Women Have Not Complained About Treatment At 2020 Olympic Course

An unbylined Japan Times story implies that the Japan Golf Association believes 2020 Olympic golf host Kasumigaseki can remain male only. Women are currently forbidden from playing Sundays or joining the club as full members, setting the stage for yet another embarrassing row involving Olympic golf.

The Japan Times quotes a statement from the association that would appear problematic given the IOC's desire to have the situation reviewed, or the club's planned review to ensure they would remain the Olympic host.

“There’re 212 female members and there’ve been no complaints about the way they are treated or the rights they have. The door is wide open for female players,” the JGC said in a statement.

The story also notes that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who raised the issue publicly, is not backing down.

“It’s natural that there are opinions questioning the place hosting the Olympics,” Abe told the Diet during the House of Councilors Budget Committee meeting.

“(Olympics golf has) men’s and women’s events in the first place. And what if (the women’s competition) gets scheduled on a Sunday?”