Post Dubai WD: Butch Harmon On Tiger's Game, Physical Issues

Former Tiger Woods instructor Butch Harmon spoke to Sky Sports in the wake of Tiger's Dubai Desert Classic WD.

Besides suggesting a return to Tiger's heyday was unlikely, Harmon's comments on Woods' efforts to get stronger will be of particular note.

BH: When he got bigger and bulkier, the speed of his swing didn't really increase, but a lot of people build up their body to protect their back. You try and work on your torso to make yourself stronger, but I think the problems Tiger has had didn't come from golf - they could have come from too much work in the gym.

Only he can tell us that, but there was a definite change in his body through the years, although when I saw him in San Diego he didn't look as bulky. He looked like he had slimmed down and trimmed down, which I though was going to be pretty good for him.

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