Could Kasumigaseki's All-Male Stance Doom Olympic Golf?

After considering the latest Olympic golf controversy caused by 2020 host course Kasumigaseki's all-male membership policy and Sunday ban on women's play, The Guardian's Ewan Murray if this will impact the IOC's decision on golf post 2020. The group could decide golf's future fate this September when they also select the 2024 summer Games host.

Murray criticizes the International Golf Federation and wonders....

The International Olympic Committee’s position on this is fascinating. Already, it is understood to have made its unhappiness over the Japan situation perfectly clear. Whereas golf was believed to be very close to securing an extended Olympic run in the early part of this year, issues such as this will not help. The joust between Justin Rose and Henrik Stenson in Rio, albeit overplayed as some kind of tournament novelty, was in golf’s credit column but what arrived before and after is hardly endearing.

For more than 100 years, the Olympics could look at golf’s distinct troubles with a relief at not being embroiled in them. The change has not been for the better; red faces all round would be appropriate.