On Joining The Golfweek/USA Today Sports Media Group...

I'm very excited to say I'm officially part of the Golfweek team. Just as fun, this site is joining the USA Today Sports Media Group's network of sites.

Here is the full press release.

As you'll see above, the masthead has been updated and simplified, with one regret: the Art Department and I agreed it was time to say goodbye to my name in the large font paying homage to Musselburgh's "Cradle of Golf". The feeling is, you know from the web browser where you've landed. 

The plan is for a site update similar to other USA Today Network sites, while remaining true to what this site was founded on: a blog devoted to state of the game issues of interest to me and hopefully to you!

The new site will be mobile and tablet friendly while hopefully remaining just as readable on the desktop. (I don't track the numbers religiously, but it's been interesting to see how desktop readership has remained steady after initially losing ground to mobile.)

Expect a lot more video, starting with an upcoming video series in conjunction with Callaway Media Productions titled Eye On Design, which will highlight elements in all forms of golf design, from courses to clubhouses to clothes to clubs. And count on plenty of video with Golfweek.com, especially around the majors.

Don't hesistate to check out subscription options for Golfweek, as the weekly digital remains full of Forecaddie fun, stories, columns and scores, while the monthly is geared to sophisticated core golfers, a group that has felt abandoned in recent years.

Thanks for your continued loyalty and patience as the site switches over to a more modern platform!