Latest Walker Cup Selection Idea Could Be Problematic For U.S.

There have been several stories over the years critical of the USGA for its top secret Walker Cup team selection process. And as Jim Nugent points out at Global Golf Post, what should be a great honor worth postponing a pro career for may become more complicated with the full team not becoming set until August's U.S. Amateur.

In recent years the first five spots on the squad were set well before the amateur, convincing top players to postpone the move to pro golf. Now all must wait until after the Amateur. All of the selection work is done in secret with no public points list. Ryan Lavner covered all of this quite thoroughly in 2015, particularly the absurdity of the secrecy approach.

Given the lack of major star power retaining amateur status once the college season ends, the once-in-a-lifetime Walker Cup opportunity should make some think twice before turning pro--especially when bundled with the chance to win a U.S. Amateur. As the latter event has begun to lose relevance with so many top amateurs turning pro immediately following the June NCAA's, the U.S. team walloped last time may set itself up for another rough go this year should the secretive, mysterious system scare off even just one or two potential team members.

The 2017 Walker Cup will be played September 9-10 at Los Angeles Country Club.