"Why do Florida House Republicans keep driving money into the World Golf Hall of Fame?"

That's the question Jeremy Wallace asks for the Tampa Bay Times when looking into Florida House efforts to root out corporate welfare.

He writes:

Tucked on page 65 of a 187-page bill is a clause that continues to award $2 million in annual tax credits to the World Golf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine for the next six years. Even in their analysis to members, House Republicans called the museum the single worst bet the state is making with tax credits.

Wallace calls the WGHOF a "curious outlier" even though the bill's author is Rep. Paul Renner, whose district includes the museum.

When asked why the tax credit was left alone, Renner replied: "I don't know."

In a subsequent interview with the Times/Herald, Renner said the House did not want to disrupt existing deals with museums.