Jack: Florida Swing Destroyed "and I think they realize that"

The 2017 Arnold Palmer Invitational does not appear to have stars aligning even in the event after The King's passing, as Brian Wacker reports on stars not appearing this year, though Tiger could still enter by Friday.

With the Honda Classic also taking a small field hit at the top (it was still very good) and the Stenson-Justin Thomas tandem as headliners in Tampa this week, the Doral-less schedule does not appear to be working in Florida's favor.

The comments may have been reported before, but this Global Golf Post quote from appeared in a Craig Dolch story for the Treasure Coast News, where Jack Nicklaus makes clear what the Golden Bear thinks of the Mexico City interruption:

“I don’t think going from LA, here, to Mexico City is very good; should be going from LA, Mexico City, here. Actually, that destroyed the Florida Swing as we knew it, and I think they realize that. I hope they’ll switch it back, go to LA, Mexico, here and then they’ve got a Florida Swing again. It hurts all the Florida events.”