It's Come To This: Now College Golf Coaches Have To Pretend They Are Happy About Early Defections

Spring means flowers, the Easter bunny and college basketball coaches pretending to be happy for not-ready-for-primetime freshmen declaring for the NBA draft. And now that absurd fake joy, which in no way helps a coach put forward his best lineup, must apparently be expressed in college golf.

Colorado has its best hopes of reaching the NCAA Men's Championship since 2012 but with a Tour exemption in front of him, Senior Jeremy Paul is leaving school a few months early, Golfweek's Kevin Casey reports.

“Jeremy has determined turning pro at this time is in the best interest for his budding professional golf career,” Colorado head coach Roy Edwards said in a release. “We respect his decision. He has a tremendous future in front of him.”

No you probably don't but we understand that if you were to say what you really think, some recruit will think you are not going to be the ideal place to prep for the PGA Tour. Let the dreadful cycle begin!