Allianz Ends PGA Tour Champions Sponsorship, But Not Over Holocaust Survivor Protests

An AP story lays out the (mostly horrifying) details of German insurance giant Allianz's battle to not pay out $2.5 billion in insurance policies to Holocaust survivors. The issue with Allianz even enjoys rare bipartisan support in Florida from Senators Bill Nelson (D) and Marco Rubio (R), along with U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R) of Miami.

The company says protests at the Allianz Championship in Boca Raton did not impact the sponsorship issue.

''While none of us can undo the past, we must confront it,'' spokesman Christian Kroos said in an email.

''Allianz began its compensation efforts in the 1950s by working in close cooperation with the German government, to try to make certain that restitution was made to those who lost their properties during the Nazi period. Anything else would be enormously disrespectful - especially to those who suffered unspeakable violence at the hands of Nazi Germany.''

Hollis Cavner, CEO of tournament organizer Pro Links Sports, said Allianz told his firm years ago it would not renew its contract when it expired after the 2017 tournament. A new sponsor is expected to be named soon.