Video: Spieth Off The Pine Straw At 13: "What Would Arnie Do?"

One of the best moments in recent Augusta National 13th hole history happened Saturday at The Masters when microphones picked up Jordan Spieth's conversation with caddie Michael Greller.

The outstanding Amen Corner Live broadcast feed let us hear all of the conversation and announcer Grant Boone perfectly incorporated the moment into his call. Somewhat inexplicably, the dialogue and shot did not appear to make the CBS broadcast and therefore, highlights shows like Sportscenter and Live From.

Kevin Casey at with some of the tweets and reaction to what is just a beautiful and saucey tribute!

Bill Fields at on the round and Jordan's explanation of why he said it.

“I think Mike was taken aback,” Spieth said. “He was very much pressing for a lay-up there, and laying up was the smart shot. I couldn't see the green, given where the tree was located. The actual shot wasn’t blocked. It was just about committing to what you can see and what you actually know is there.”

Here it is: