Shark On Golf Commentators: "They’re as boring to listen to as it is to watch boring golfers play."

Writing for the world-renowned, Greg Norman shares a litany of opinions on everything wrong with golf and its future.

The former Fox Sports analyst, who lasted just one year in the job and appears to be nursing yet another injury, took aim at CBS's broadcast of The Masters.

When I watched the Masters I turned the sound off the TV!

One thing I find far from appealing is the quality of some of the commentating on TV. They’re as boring to listen to as it is to watch boring golfers play. You get that constant monotone voice: everyone hits a great shot, nobody has an opinion, nobody wants to upset the applecart, and everyone’s got the greatest short game in the world.

When I was in the gym watching The Masters on TV last month I turned the sound off and listened to my favourite music and simply cranked up the volume.

Of course you were in the gym.

Nick Faldo retweeted the article and clearly felt bruised but not beaten by the jab. Helps to have three Green Jackets and the lead announce job!