Oak Hill Prez: “We get a bad rap. It’s not like a British Open on the coast of Scotland.”

While we wind down the PGA in August with this week's event in Charlotte and next year's barnburner at Bellerive, thoughts turn to how weather will impact northern venues.

Golf World's Tim Rosaforte investigates and finds most northern venues pointing to their positives (No thunderstorms! Thick rough!), with Whistling Straits' Herb Kohler all but conceding he's hosted his last PGA Championship.

Besides the stellar quote from the Oak Hill club president Tim Thaney suggesting Rochester in May isn't nearly as bad weatherwise as a British Open in Scotland--unless it snows--there was this, uh, chilling Rosaforte reminder about Bethpage in May.

Bethpage experienced winterkill damage three years ago that caused the Black Course to remain closed until after Memorial Day. If that happens in 2019, it could create logistical and public-relations nightmares for the PGA. But given that was one of only two conditioning issues like that in the last 20 years, golf-course superintendent Andy Wilson doesn’t see the one-in-10 chance as a deal-breaker. “It’s up to Mother Nature more than anything else,” Wilson says. “If she wants to beat us, she’ll beat us and we’ll recover.”