Judge Halts Green Jacket Auction Of Green Jackets

The Augusta Chronicle's Sandy Hodson reports on Augusta National's court victory over Green Jacket Auctions related to the current sale of the world famous sports coat.

Hodson's notes this about the filing and the club's claim of theft:

Augusta National filed suit Aug. 11 in federal court in Augusta seeking an immediate halt of an auction begun Aug. 2 by the Green Jacket Auction Inc. of Tampa, Fla. The auction, set to close Saturday, lists three green jackets, silverware and a belt buckle all advertised as authenticated Augusta National and Masters Tournament memorabilia.

On behalf of the Augusta National, Christopher Cosper argued in favor of a temporary restraining order to keep the auction company from selling what the club contends is stolen property or fakes which are prohibited by the club’s trademark. The club also contends that a document the auction company has that it says is a 2005 inventory of the club’s property also had to have been stolen from the club.


The jackets are still listed as of now.