What's Next For Steph Curry The Golfer?

Two 74's and finishing ahead of some regular Web.com Tour guys is a pretty stellar accomplishment for someone who just won and NBA title two months ago.

(Ron Kroichick's day two SF Chronicle story here recounts how the round went and how much Curry was aware of scoring skepticism. The story is accompanied by a Michael Macor image gallery. Golfweek's Kevin Casey rounds up many of the social media highlight posts and other responses to Curry's play.)

Yes, Steph Curry could prep in the Lake Tahoe celebrity event, but he still performed so admirably against Triple-A and future PGA Tour-level talent. Since the event wasn't televised and the coverage was restricted, there is a thirst to see more of Curry. Though I side with Michael Bamberger in this week's SI/Golf.com roundtable on keeping these appearances limited.

Michael Bamberger, senior writer, Sports Illustrated: It was just great to see Steph Curry out there. His play was excellent, he has so much energy and brings out energy in others. There had to be people watching golf for the first time only because he was playing. I think he should be very, very selective about future invitations. Web.com is one thing—it needs all the attention it can get. The PGA Tour is another. But you have to think he's going to be around the game for decades to come, and it will do a lot for him, and vice-versa.

Jeff Ritter, digital development editor, GOLF.com (@Jeff_Ritter): Steph drew eyeballs, played well and had a blast. What's not to like? Too bad he has to continue that pesky basketball career that interferes with his golf game. I agree with MB that he should be selective with his professional appearances, but let's do this one again next year.

Sean Zak, associate editor, GOLF.com (@Sean_Zak): I aligned my expectations with that of Las Vegas, and Steph crushed those expectations. I not only want to see Steph tee it up again, as a gigantic hoops fan, I think I'm desperate for it. Two rounds were not enough! Plus, it made me think a little harder about those rumors he floated on Feherty, that he could see a golf career after hoops. Yes, please!

I'd vote for Curry taking a couple of invites to quality amateur events during his summers and building a golf career that way, interspersed with some prestige appearances.

Either way, for golf to have one of the best athletes on the planet be so competitive at the height of his (basketball) powers was really special for Curry. That someone so talented at another sport was able to communicate the difficulties of golf with his play and words was a victory for golf.

I loved this quote from Rickie Fowler at the Bridgestone, reported on by Dave Shedloski:

"To play that well with the kind of pressure he must have been under is very impressive. It's cool what he did," said Rickie Fowler. "I've never been thrown in a situation where I've had to perform at the highest level -- or one of the highest levels -- competing in another sport. There may be a couple of athletes on the PGA Tour, maybe Dustin Johnson or Gary Woodland, who could look athletic on a basketball court, but they aren't going to play to the level that he did as a golfer."

What say you?

(Oh, and at least Dawie van der walt ate his golf bag.)