The Strangest (And Longest) Hole Ever Played

Julian Bennetts of the Telegraph writes about the par 14,000, 2,000km Mongolian golf hole Adam Rolston played with friend Ron Rutland tagging along--joined by a stray dog for the last 1500km--and all for a good cause.

The goal was to set the Guinness record for longest hole played. Mongolia was the setting.

The idea was to finish on the 18th green of the one golf course in the country, and to tee off from the western most point of Mongolia. He calculated it would take him 14,000 shots - and set that as his par. 

Rutland agreed to be his caddie, and eight months later, they were raising money for Laureus, which runs children's sports charities worldwide, and were at the base of Khüiten Peak, the highest as well as the most western point of Mongolia.

“We have had dozens of people telling us we were mad or crazy, with comments ranging from: ‘That’s impossible” to ‘Do you not have anything better to do?’” says Rolston, who hails from Northern Ireland.
“That first week was the hardest of my life. To get to the first tee we had to take a Russian jeep through a national park for five hours. From there, it was ridiculous."