Liberty National Gets The Ole Hospitality Tent Re-Route And Comes Out Better For It

Look, this isn't shuffling the order of Rumours or Kind Of Blue.

This is Liberty National, the slightly schizophrenic Bob Cupp/Tom Kite design full of interesting moments but a bit unsure what it wants to be (Augusta North? Whistling East?).

Still, I'm never a fan of re-routings for these Cup events in the name of hospitality or function, but the PGA Tour has re-routed Liberty National for both business and entertainment reasons. The 2017 Presidents Cup shoudl be better for it.

As I explain here at Golfweek, finishing on a par-3 seems bizarre given the lack of tournament sucess with them in recent years. But I think it might work out here given that the starting point was the club's 18th hole, now the 14th.