Roundup: Presidents Cup Preview As Three Former Presidents Scheduled To Kick Things Off

It's here! The madness, the mania, the match play!

But come on, three presidents on one property who all love golf? It will be a special day regardless of how the first day foursomes play out, with Presidents Clinton, Bush (43) and Obama kicking off the proceedings. Brentley Romine with the few known details of news that arrived on Presidents Cup eve.

While the Presidents Cup is no Ryder Cup, it is team match play and you know my motto: the worst team match play event is still bound to be more fun and exciting than the typical stroke play tournament.

The opening day foursomes matches look intriguing enough, with the Day/Leishman v. Mickelson/Kisner match of most interest to me.

The opening hole and tee shot is a doozy, writes Brentley Romine.

You might not be super pumped about the Presidents Cup but at I'm offering a few reasons to be intrigued (and not including the possible Presidential visit Sunday).

Looming over the proceedings today is the incredible excitement over a gathering of three Presidents, but a looming potential visit Sunday from President Trump has delivered some consternation.

Eamon Lynch for Golfweek on the Trump complications including this:

A text message from one member of Team USA’s inner circle reveals that players are anticipating “a (expletive) show” with Trump’s appearance. Does that mean they’d rather he stay away? “All the Americans voted for him, so….” came the reply.

But the politics of players isn’t relevant to Trump’s likely appearance, no more than the voting patterns of LPGA golfers mattered when he pitched up at the U.S. Women’s Open, which was held at his New Jersey course this summer.

What is becoming apparent is that President Trump regards golf as a safe harbor, a world in which he will find a welcome, no matter how vulgar, divisive or incendiary his rhetoric.

The current course routing created for this event. My Golfweek take on that routing's potentially bizarre par-3 finish.

Geoff Ogilvy, cart driving this week for the International team and in charge of fetching water for the Aussie players, singles out the 10th and 12th holes as the most interesting in this piece.

Alex Miceli at says Tim Finchem's Presidents Cup tried to ride the coattails of the Ryder Cup and has failed.

Tiger got most of the questions during Wednesday's shuttle drivers press conference and got some headlines for suggesting he may never play again. I report for Golfweek.

The Presidents Cup schedule of events.

 All of the TV and streaming times.

The PGA Tour's Facebook page will have live streaming of the first tee ceremony festivities, which commence at 12:20 pm ET. The Presidents Cup Twitter account will also feature a live stream.

The venue from above:

Two hours until this place is packed with the world's best fans 🙌

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