"Eleven players understood the concept of team golf and only one didn’t."

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The New York Post’s Mark Cannizzaro talked to a player identified as a Team USA member after they returned from France and we learned several things about the strife.

—Patrick Reed is viewed as having begged his way into a Tiger pairing.

—Reed probably would have shot 83 Saturday morning on his own ball in the view of his teammates

—It’s probably a really good thing the charter did not have WiFi, otherwise we might have had an in-flight fight.

From Cannizzaro’s item:

“He is so full of s–t,’’ the source told The Post on Monday. “Blindsided my ass. He begged to play with Tiger.’’

At least Bubba has something to be happy about. He’s in the group of 11!

“I feel so bad for Jim, because he was an unreal captain. He would have run through a wall for all 12 of the guys. Unfortunately, there were only 11 players that would have returned the favor.’’