Presidents Cup A Year Out: Els Expects Tiger To Be A Playing Captain, Creates Team Logo, Ogilvy Gets Keys To A Club Car, Scott Assured A Spot

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A year out from the Presidents Cup there is no reason to be interested in the biennial event except that a return to Royal Melbourne and Australia makes it a top event on the calendar. Couple that with Tiger Woods and Ernie Els captaining and it should get golf geek pulses up around late next September.

But…the ISPS Handa World Cup just finished at Metropolitan where Els appeared to promote next year’s matches.

His unveiling of a team logo is meant to help bring the Internationals closer together and to prevent the rest of us from having to look at the team wearing Cup-logoed gear. Attractive maybe, comprehendible it is not (see above).

“It’s a special group of guys from all over the world that make up the Presidents Cup International Team,” Els said. “Being from across the globe, we don’t all play for the same flag. This special group of people needed something to identify with. To lift the spirit of the team, we felt like we needed a logo for ourselves.”

The Els announcement of Geoff Ogilvy as a vice captain was welcome news given that he now lives on the host course and played in the 2011 Presidents Cup. An AP story on Ogilvy’s naming.

As was the intriguing prediction by Els that he expects Tiger to be a playing captain. Judging by how his audio gear seemed to annoy at The Match, don’t count on Woods to be wearing an IFB while playing Royal Melbourne.

Evin Priest with the story on Els’ prediction for next year and an assurance that Adam Scott will be on the team.

"[Scott] is going to be on the team, no doubt about that," Els said.

Ok, we’re down to eleven spots. That’s news!