Francesco On Ryder Cup: "We saw that they were probably more tired than we were"

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Golf Digest Italy’s Massimo De Luca files an enjoyable Q&A with Open Champion Francesco Molinari and he talks all things 2018, his incredible breakout season.

Regarding the Ryder Cup, where he went 5-0, Molinari confirms that the Europeans spotted FedEx-fused fatigue when asked why the Europeans excelled.

It’s difficult to pinpoint a specific reason. Undoubtedly the tricky setup of the course was a huge factor. But don’t forget, we lost all three of the first matches on Friday morning. If it hadn’t been for Tommy Fleetwood and me beating Woods and Patrick Reed, we would have been at 0-4, and it would have been really hard. We reacted by winning, 4-0, in the afternoon. But we didn’t kid ourselves. The more-experienced players worried about an American backlash, but with time we felt better on that course, which many of us know [as an annual European Tour stop for the French Open]. The key moment was Saturday morning, when only Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth had earned a point. We saw that they were probably more tired than we were, also because the majority of them had been busy with the FedEx right up until the end. But you know how the Ryder Cup is. In fact, after the 2-2 Saturday afternoon, they attempted a comeback in the singles on Sunday. But we reacted well.