Brandel: The Match Demeaned The Game

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I don’t agree that The Match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson demeaned the game as Brandel Chamblee says in this opinion piece. Moments were groundbreaking and entertaining, others were embarrassing (the piles of cash, the side bets for charity, the given putts).

Anyway, harsh take here from Brandel!

Tiger and Phil looked like two guys who needed the money and were only there for it. That’s fine, everyone watching likely has been guilty of the same, but we are not meant, in watching these events, to be reminded of our lives. When an athlete gets lost in their art and performs like they don’t need the money, the audience gets lost with them and forgets their own lives; that’s transcendent. 

The Match was not transcendent, it was transparent, and it demeaned the game. Period.