R.I.P. George H.W. Bush, 41st President Of The United States, 1947 Cape Arundel Club Champion

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The remembrances will begin pouring in and there will be many from a golf world that has lost a beloved, dignified figure and one of the presidents most closely associated with the game. And easily the fastest golfing president.

Here is Adam Nagourney’s New York Times obituary of the 41st President of the United States, father to the 43rd President and grandson to George Herbert Walker, founder of the Walker Cup.

Monte Burke at Forbes posted this short tribute to President Bush seven years ago upon 41’s induction into the World Golf Hall Of Fame, but it’s a fine encapsulation of what he meant to the game.

Before the memories and tributes, enjoy his World Golf Hall of Fame induction tribute where the President is interviewed by Jim Nantz. Included in that discussion is his greatest golf achievement—besides his legendary fast player status—the 1947 Cape Arundel club championship.