Europe Explores Colosseum Ryder Cup Opening In 2022, But Will There Be A Decent Course To Play?

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Rex Hoggard talks to European Tour Chief Keith Pelley, who says the 2022 Ryder Cup is very much headed to Italy despite no shortage of reports about ongoing instability that jeopardizes government assistance of the Cup. And Pelley teased a potentially big opening ceremony location.

“I’ve said all along the Ryder Cup in 2022 is going to Italy,” said Pelley, who added that the tour’s Ryder Cup support team is in Italy this week meeting with local officials. “Italy in 2022 is a story that people talk about but we had conversations this week about the opening ceremony being in the Colosseum. These are serious conversations with Italian decision makers and officials.”

Hoggard notes that Marco Simone, the host course, is of even greater concern, with Pelley conceding it is behind schedule.

Much of the concern over Italy as the ’22 host has been focused on the course, Marco Simone, which Pelley described as a “construction zone.”

A recent press release suggested a vast construction undertaking underway.

But a reader played there two weeks ago, shared photos of a course not under construction and offered this assessment:

Played it at €90 for the day. Terrible course on an awkward piece of land (hilly) with a clay - read mud - soil base. A real stretch to see a RC here. Kicker is apparently - according to the member I played with - that the massive overhead power lines which blot the landscape are to be relayed underground - a project in itself. I’m no expert, but with less than 4 years to “balls in the air” it seems a real stretch to imagine the event there - unlike other Euro venues which had been there for years and needed a bit of tweaking. Basically a total reconstruction is required - incl the clubhouse IMHO, but is there time ? 

Two new holes are under construction at least. And the Colosseum could have lights and proper presenters in 2022!