"What is the PGA of America trying to hide?"

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That’s the question Alex Miceli asks at MorningRead.com on the eve of Suzy Whaley’s expected election to the PGA of America Presidency. She will be the organization’s first female president. Yet at the PGA’s annual meeting in Palm Springs, media has been denied access despite requests to attend.

Miceli shares the PGA’s statement explaining why they are not welcoming coverage and then asks:

What is the PGA of America trying to hide?

During the past year, Morning Read has written about issues concerning the PGA’s outgoing president, Paul Levy (“PGA applies double standard in Levy case,” June 17). We also have written about PGA members’ concerns and questions about the board’s actions involving Levy before and during his presidency (“L.A. pro to PGA: Clean up Levy mess,” Aug. 2).

The issue was the same for those members as it is today: transparency.

Being transparent and being well-informed work in tandem. Open access to information allows voters, shareholders or members the best opportunity to make educated decisions.

The organization has had a dreadful year on the governance front, with current president Paul Levy arrested for driving under the influence and the organization resisting membership requests for transparency on Levy’s status.

Levy continues to helm PGA events to the very end according to the organization’s Facebook page.